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I live in an Airstream with my two boys: Jake (husband) and Ollie (dog).

I'm Jess Ekstrom

My first brush with success was when I auctioned off all of my toys on eBay when I was 12. My operations were shut down when I sold all my sister’s toys without her consent. But needless to say, I now know that moment was foreshadowing the life of an entrepreneur.

Hey there!

When I was in college, I interned at a wish-granting organization for kids with life-threatening illnesses. I discovered that a lot of kids losing their hair to chemotherapy loved to wear headbands after hair loss, but they were only given wigs and hats. I searched Google to see if there was any business or organization donating headbands to kids with cancer and came up dry.

So I thought: WHY NOT ME?

I could figure this out- I can give headbands to kids with cancer.

So I started Headbands of Hope. For every headband sold, one is donated to a child with cancer. After a few missed swings, running in circles, a loan from a family member, losing that loan to a fraudulent manufacturer which turned into a lawsuit, crickets on the other end when I launched it…

Headbands of Hope was born!

Hey, I never said things were easy, but they should be worth it.

Now, Headbands of Hope has been endorsed by celebrities like Lauren Conrad, Khloe Kardashian, a bunch of people from the Bachelor franchise (because I’m obsessed with that show). We’ve been featured on the TODAY Show, Good Morning America, The View, and I’m a regular guest on QVC.

But most importantly, we’ve donated over 650,000 headbands to kids with illnesses all over the world.

But none of this would have happened if I didn’t have two things:

Optimism to make the world better

Belief in myself that I could be the one to do it (even if I didn’t have a lot of shiny skills)

As Headbands of Hope grew, so did my story.

My first speech was at my graduation at NC State for 20,000 people

My second gig was for a slice of pizza

And my third gig was for $2,200

So now, I like to help women move past the slice of pizza and get paid as professional speakers and authors. I do this through:

Bright Pages

my guided online journaling service for doers

Business on the Bright Side

my top 25 entrepreneurship podcast

My online courses

for women to learn how to tell & sell their story through public speaking and book publishing

Make a Living, Make a Difference

You should know I believe that:

An inclusive world is a better world here are some free email templates I created for speakers to refer women of color for the next speaking event.

Everything I create is to help women monetize their story and feel good about what they have to offer the world.

I’ll leave you with my values that myself and my team believe in. Because I’m not just some influencer on the internet that promises you the world and doesn’t give a crap after your card is swiped.


Take one step in my community and you’ll see I’m here to do one thing: help you make a living and make a difference at the same time.

ROI: anything you purchase from me I want to be sure it will make you that money back.

PURPOSE: let’s be aligned about the future and our place in it.

TRANSPARENCY: I’m not just going to cherry pick things that went right, you’ll hear it all.

FUNNY BUSINESS: because if we’re not having fun, what’s the point?

Sometimes the home-run product you're looking to launch, is the story you already have.
I am here to help you tell it.

My guided online journaling service for people who DO

We could all use a boost sometimes, text me for motivation. I promise, it's really me! @ 704.228.9495