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This interactive book for energetic, creatively minded 8–12 year olds from entrepreneur Jess Ekstrom uses inspiring stories, journaling prompts, coloring pages, and creative ideas to show kids that if they want something to be different in the world, they can do something about it today!

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"Tap into Your Superpower"

Have you ever said to yourself, “When I’m older, I can start on my dreams”? I used to think that way too. I thought I had to wait until I was older, until I had more experience, until I graduated, until I felt ready. Or any other excuse I would tell myself. But the best time to start is the moment you’re inspired.

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Jess Ekstrom never predicted that her time selling cookies and lemonade as a kid was foreshadowing founding her company Headbands of Hope, which helps millions of kids with illnesses. It wasn’t always smooth sailing, but each obstacle she faced put her on an unexpected path of inspiration, helping her discover the amazing things she could become and do, like starting multiple businesses, writing a book, and helping millions of people feel more confident in their story.

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