The most valuable product you can sell is the story you already have.

Tell & sell your story with my Thought Leader Bundle.

Two life-changing online courses and community for women who want to make an impact through book writing and public speaking.

Your story could be someone Else's survival guide...

Hi, I’m Jess! I’m the founder of Headbands of Hope, author of Chasing the Brightside, and a professional public speaker.


Every day I meet so many amazing women with incredible stories – in fact, we all have stories and experiences that audiences can relate to, but most don’t know how or where to get started sharing them with the world while also making a living.


That’s why I created The Thought Leader Bundle. 

The world needs more diverse voices out there. I'm passionate about helping women monetize their story so they can make a living and make a difference at the same time.

If you’re ready to leave your mark by discovering your message and sharing it with the world, you’ve come to the right place!

Go from BOOK to BOOKED

The Thought Leader Bundle includes the 2 online courses you need to TELL and SELL your story.

Write your book and get it Published & Launch and grow your profitable speaking business

Craft the story you want to tell.

The exact steps you need to uncover the unique stories, knowledge, and experiences audiences will connect with.

Write + publish your book.

Go from book idea to proposal to literary agent to acquisition with a traditional publisher.

Get paid to speak.

Speaking is the perfect way to make both an impact and income - my first speaking gig was for a slice of pizza, but my SECOND gig was for much more than that! Find out what beginner speakers can make on just their first few speaking gigs!

Have you ever read a book or heard a speech that changed your life? could have that same impact on someone else.

The Thought Leader Bundle is perfect for you if you want to:

The Thought Leader Bundle

2 courses to help you tell & sell your story

Course #1

Book Pop Workshop

($995 if purchased separately)

All The Tools You Need To Write Your Book and Get it Acquired. Book Pop Workshop is your one-stop-shop course and community for women to get you from book idea 👉 to proposal 👉 to literary agent 👉 to acquisition with a traditional publisher.

Video modules:

  • Module 1: Nailing your book idea
  • Module 2: Outlining your book
  • Module 3: Writing a killer proposal
  • Module 4: Create a lead magnet about your book
  • Module 5: Finding a literary agent + getting the deal

Download + Extras:

  • Module 6: Finishing the manuscript
  • Module 7: Cover and titling
  • Module 8: Self-publishing + Picking Amazon Categories
  • Module 9: Next steps
  • Proposal checklist
  • Agent query letter template
  • Chapter Outline Sheet
  • Moment to Meaning Worksheet
  • Book Transformation Roadmap
  • Manuscript Deadline Tracker
  • Key Terms Dictionary
  • Storytelling Starters
  • Agent pitching list
  • One month free of Bright Pages
  • Writing tip checklist
  • Access to the incredible engaged and inspiring 
Speaker Sister Community of over a thousand women who speak and write books.

Speaker videos from Write the Dang Book

*All videos are also closed captioned
I’ll continue to update the course as the industry changes and as I learn as an author!
Take the course at your own pace- everyone has their own book writing timeline!


course #2

Mic Drop Workshop

($995 if purchased separately)

Learn how to start and scale a profitable speaking business step-by-step (even if you have no prior speaking experience!).

Video Modules:

Jess speaking in a blue dress
  • Module 1: What is a Keynote?
  • Module 2:  Discover your message
  • Module 3: Building your keynote that BOOKS
  • Module 4: Slides and Delivery
  • Module 5: Package your keynote and list it

Download + Extras:

  • Free month subscription to Bright Pages, my guided online journal for personal development
  • Moment to Meaning Worksheet
  • Keynote Roadmap
  • Storytelling Starters
  • The Sandwich Method Worksheet
  • Lead Generation Worksheet
  • Module 6: Niche it and pitch it
  • Module 7: The 4 Mic Drop Workshop pitching methods
  • Module 8: Pricing yourself and weighing gigs
  • Module 9: Contracting, gig day, and post gig
  • Module 10: Let’s change the speaking industry
  • Email Templates
  • Tips to landing a TEDx Talk
  • Speaking Contract
  • Client Questionnaire
  •  Speaking Opportunity Score Card
  • Prep Bag Checklist
  • Diversity Email Templates

The Mic Drop Workshop has already helped over 1,000 women break into public speaking. Are you next?

Tracey Ferrin

When I purchased your course, I was hopeful it would work...

But I wasn’t 100% sure what I was signing up for or if it would really work. I actually had to sell my husband on it first before buying it.

This is what I know most definitely works...if you do the work. I’ve now got 10 speaking gigs booked!

Selina Krinock

I wish I had had this course available when I was writing my first book. Jess has created a practical course with easy-to-follow steps. She breaks down the writing process into manageable chunks, discusses finding a literary agent, and the pros and cons of traditional publishing versus self-publishing. She openly shares her first-hand knowledge and experience with writing non-fiction. I feel confident that anyone can follow in her footsteps and create my own story with wisdom to share with others.

Crystal Dreisbach

Hey y’all, just want to put it out there that tonight I’m doing my first ***PAID*** speaking gig at Lenoir Rhyne University in North Carolina, and I owe a huge thanks to Mic Drop Workshop Mastery for so many things!

Throughout my life I have spoken FOR FREE countless times, but this is the first time that my gifts will be compensated properly, and I’m so proud.

Becoming an author and doing speaking gigs are the BEST way to create impact (and income!) from the knowledge and experiences you already have WITHOUT having to be an expert on anything.

Hear What People are saying

The world needs to hear what you have to say. Get started in 3 easy steps.

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  • you get to be on a group call with me (I host these once a quarter)

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  • get Book Pop Workshop first, access to Mic Drop 3 months post purchase

100% Money Back Guarantee

And with all my offerings, if you do the work and it doesn’t work for you, I’ll give you a 100% refund.

The most valuable product you can sell is the story you already have

After I released my book… I got more speaking engagement requests, I could charge higher rates, I got more press and podcast requests, my social media audience grew, I got verified on my social channels, but most importantly…
I was able to tell my story in a way that helps people through their story. I want to help you do the same thing.